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Complete / Precision Denture

Despite the fact that Standard Dentures may fit comfortably and chew well, they are really only designed for the average patient using basic equipment, procedure and material. We offer complete denture and will recommend what is best for you.

Most denture patients, especially those with oral tissues that have reabsorbed (shrunk) or have unusual jaw relationships (bite) require a more personalized denture that utilizes premium materials and precision techniques (Precision Denture). With premium personalized dentures; aesthetics, comfort, fit and function combine to allow your smile to look more natural. Premium personalized quality dentures instill confidence and provide optimum function while eating, speaking of laughing.

Through the use of sophisticated instrumentation; the impressions of your jaws, the specific jaw movements you make, and all your facial information are recorded. The Denturist is then able to provide a personalized prosthestic designed specifically for you. NOT only a standard piece of equipment that you must tolerate and figure out how to cope with. With complete denture you will have the best for your needs.

Precision dentures are designed to work with your jaw, allowing for more natural motion and fit than standard dentures provide. No two patients are alike, there are many aspects to be considered when creating a new look that is truly your own. So, prior to creating the dentures, extensive measurements of your jaw and face will be taken to ensure an exact fit. But with precision dentures, it’s not just about making sure that the dentures fit properly; it’s also about making sure that they work well with your smile, face shape and other physical attributes including skin tone and eye colour. Because so much effort goes into creating dentures that suit your mouth and facial features, precision dentures look much more natural than standard dentures. Additionally, they tend to be more comfortable and make chewing easier. Since they are made with higher quality materials, they don’t wear down at the same rate as standard dentures.

For patients, the expectation with a precision denture is improved fit, better function, greater durability and superior aesthetics. It is a more accurate process with higher quality materials, providing patients the optimum in today’s denture design.

When we design and create your new dentures we use only the finest materials and latest techniques. We take the time and care to achieve the most accurate impressions and bite. This results in a better fitting, more comfortable denture. The procedures used are critical in creating functional dentures. These procedures are never compromised.

Partial Denture

Partial dentures are designed for those client with one or more teeth missing, but not fully edentulous. Partial dentures are usually more secure than full dentures since they are physically held in place by clasps designed to fit over the natural teeth.

Partials can be constructed in acrylic or with metal framework. There are a number of factors that influence the type of partial design that would be appropriate and this should be discussed with your Denturist.

A removable partial denture is customized to a patient’s specific requirements. Removable partial dentures restore a person’s natural appearance and greatly improves chewing and helps to speak clearly.

A partial denture may be tooth-supported or tooth and tissue-supported. There are significant differences between these two types of dentures. These differences are best explained by your Denturist. The number of teeth remaining, the position of the teeth and the stability of the teeth are only a few of the factors that help to determine what style or type of partial denture would be best for you.

Partials can be made of different materials, including acrylics or a metal/acrylic combination. Acrylic partials are usually used as a transitional or temporary replacement of missing teeth, depending on your personal circumstances. The metal/acrylic partial- commonly called a cast partial is usually a more rigid and permanent style of denture. The metal is either a highly compatible chrome cobalt alloy or titanium, which are both ultra thin, ultra light and very strong.

All partials are designed to be removable and should be removed nightly to contribute to a more healthy oral environment. With newer designs, materials and techniques; partials are becoming more comfortable than ever before. Ask your Denturist about the many designs available.

Partial dentures do not harm remaining natural teeth. In fact, a partial denture may prevent your natural teeth from shifting or drifting into the space left by the loss of a natural tooth.

Dental Implant

Millions of people experience difficulties associated with missing teeth and need dental implants. These difficulties can severely undermine your self-confidence and quality of life. Missing teeth can compromise your health, eating habits, speech and appearance. When teeth are lost, bone loss usually occurs , which in turn can affect your denture. This can result in the denture becoming loose, which may cause difficulty in the stabilization of the denture, decreased chewing ability and deterioration of the jaw structure over time.

Dental implants range from single tooth replacement to complete dentures specifically designed for clients who have had or are undergoing implant placement surgery.

Once a decision has been made to get implants, a thorough examination has to be completed by the Oral Surgeon or Dentist to determine if you are a suitable candidate for implants.

Immediate Denture

Immediate dentures (sometimes called temporary dentures) are placed in the mouth immediately after the natural teeth are extracted. This approach is utilized when a person does not want to be without any teeth for several months while extraction tooth sockets heal and a new permanent denture is fabricated. While the healing process takes place, your gums, which support the denture, will shrink. It is very important to keep all dental care appointments during this time period, as your denture will require adjustments.

As a new denture wearer it is natural for you to have questions and feelings of apprehension or uncertainty. But if you know what to expect ahead of time, these changes can be a little easier to take. The first step to seeking answers is to speak with your dental professional who can answer questions and help you to understand what you should expect as you make the transition to life with your new dentures.

New Mini-implant

Mini-implants are small diameter dental implants

Mini-implants can help patients regain chewing ability but with a less invasive, more affordable and almost painless technique.

Who is it for?

Patients who have loose lower dentures and want an easy solution to secure them in place

Patients who have highly absorbed jaw bones and therefore cannot do the regular implants

Patients looking to save money but still do implants

Patients who do not want an invasive and painful technique

New FiberFORCE

FiberFORCE. Strong. Comfortable. Lightweight. Aesthetically pleasing.

The high tech solution for all full dentures and repairs..

Do you find that your dentures break easily due to shock? This is NOT because it was made incorrectly but because the acrylic resin used to make dentures is fragile.

To correct this, there is FiberFORCE!

What is it?

FiberFORCE is a strong, aesthetically, comfortable fiber reinforcement system that can been incorporated into your new dentures!

FiberFORCE is a unique technology using impregnated specially-treated E glass fibers coated with a resin that bonds to the acrylic resin used to make dentures.

Why FiberFORCE?

It is biocompatible and esthetic

It is completely integrated into the denture and virtually invisible

It is strong and lightweight

Because of FiberFORCE, dentures can now be made thinner, lighter and more comfortable

It is fast and easy

FiberFORCE process offers reliable and consistent results using specialized equipment and a custom technique that has been learned by your dental professional. There are no delays when making your dentures

FiberFORCE is ideal for dentures over implants, denture repairs and adding teeth to existing dentures!

Come in today for a consultation to see if FiberFORCE is right for you!